• Flat Four Vee Dub Club Sydney,Flat Four Vee Dub Club Sydney,Flat Four Vee Dub Club Sydney

About Us

Flat Four is a very participation oriented club and is open to anybody who owns, has access to, or is building a Volkswagen and enjoys having a good time.

Our Club welcomes any person with a Volkswagen to join us. We are open to all types of Volkswagens whether "stockers", custom, air cooled, water cooled, late model, early model, Cal Look, Baja, Rally, Beetles, Type 3s, Kombis, Karmann Ghias, Type 4s, Passats, Golfs, Polos, New Beetles, VW based kit cars, VW powered others, exotically powered VWs...

We like to think of ourselves as a big family, welcoming singles, couples, parents with children and extending associate membership to the companions of our members.

Some of our Club activities include attending car shows (both VW and non-VW), camping weekends, drag racing events, cruising days & evenings, BBQs, picnics, parties, observation runs, drive-in movies...

We encourage all members and guests to come along and join the fun.

See our What's On page for details about upcoming events.


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